Classic V4 - Making System Wide Changes to the NoteBoard

System Wide Changes are global changes which affect all BlueNote endpoints on the network, whereas Local Settings affect only one BlueNote workstation at a time. System Wide Changes can be made from any BlueNote endpoint.

Making System Wide Changes

On your BlueNote Endpoint, Click  Menu then Options.

Choose  System Wide Changes. Since any endpoint can make changes, by typing 'configure' in the space provided, this is a confirmation that the user understands that these changes will affect all computers.

In System Wide Changes you may change Post Location names, BlueNotes actions/tones, and set up the Mobile Devices Gateway. You can also Backup and Restore the office's BlueNote System Manager settings.

When you are done making changes, press the  Save button, and all of the changes made will appear for all BlueNote endpoints.
You can read more about System Wide Changes as well as Local Settings in your User Guide. See the Related Article below to learn how to find the User Guide that is installed at each workstation alongside your Endpoint program.