Classic V4 - How to find the BlueNote User Guide

BlueNote Classic User Guide

Each installation of BlueNote Classic has a PDF user guide included. You can locate the user guide by clicking the  Windows Start button, then click All Programs, and locate the BlueNote Endpoint folder. 

You can also locate it within the Windows File Explorer under BlueNote Endpoint.

Index of User Guide Contents

Note that the index below is for reference only; you will need to open the file on your workstation to view the actual user guide.

CHAPTER 1:  Introduction

How BlueNote Communicator Works 


Network Setup  


System Manager 


CHAPTER 2:  Typing Messages 

Typing a Message 
Selecting Recipients
Creating Messaging Groups 
Quick Messages/Responses 
Message Log

CHAPTER 3:  Posting BlueNotes

What is a BlueNote?
How to Post a BlueNote  
How to Clear a BlueNote  
Responding to a BlueNote  
Quick Button BlueNotes  
BlueNote Alert Manager  

CHAPTER 4:  Managing Patients

The Patient System  
Seating and Dismissing 
Patients Tab  
Moving Patients 

CHAPTER 5:  Making Changes at Individual Computers 

User Name and/or Location  
Sound Events  
Interactive Changes  
Visual Changes 

CHAPTER 6:  Making System-Wide Changes

Accessing System Manager from the Endpoint  
Initial Installation  
Adding Cell Phones & Mobile Devices  
Resending Alerts
Advanced Alert Tone Settings 

CHAPTER 7:  Exporting Data and Saving Settings 

Saving System Manager Settings 

CHAPTER 8: Working in Clinical Mode

Starting Clinical Mode  
Using Clinical Mode  
Clinical Mode Menu 

CHAPTER 9:  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

Text Messaging  
Patient System  

CHAPTER 10:  Advanced Menu Options

Installing a Template
Changing the System Sounds  
Using WebView on SmartPhones  
USB LCD Support 
Message Capture 
Running Multiple System Managers  

CHAPTER 11: Feedback and Support 

Support Links 
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