Classic V4 - BlueNote Communicator Classic Version 1 and Version 2 Support

If you have an older version of BlueNote Communicator Classic (prior to 2008) or BlueNote Status (discontinued in 2015), we no longer guarantee compatibility with newer Windows operating systems. However, you may continue using the software with no obligation to upgrade to a newer version if it continues to serve you well.

We do not have any online FAQs for BlueNote Communicator Version 1, BlueNote Communicator Version 2, or BlueNote Status. Instead, Help Guides are found alongside the Server and Client files at each computer where these older versions of BlueNote are installed. Look for BlueNoteHelp.chm in your Program Files.

You can also click here and use the form to let us know what problems you are having or just ask a question. As soon as we receive your information, we will start working on your request and contact you back with a response as quickly as possible.

BlueNote Communicator Classic

Version 2.X Instructions to Move the Server:

Follow the steps below to move your Version 2 BlueNote Server to a different computer.

From the existing computer with the BlueNote Server already installed:

1) Click on "Options" then go to "Advanced" and click on "Show Data Files." 2) Copy all of these files to a USB thumb-drive or to a network location. You will need these files at the new computer. 3) Shutdown this BlueNote Server. 4) Go to the Control panel - Add/Remove programs and Remove "BlueNote Communicator" from this computer.

From the new computer:

1) If this computer has a BlueNote client already installed on it then go to the Windows control panel - Add/Remove programs and remove "BlueNote Communicator." The BlueNote Server installer will reinstall a new version. Your settings will not be lost.

2) Download the Version 2.6 BlueNote Server using this link.  BlueNote Server Version 2.6

3) Start the BlueNote Server. 4) Click on "Options" then go to "Advanced" and click on "Show Data Files." 5) Leaving the data files folder open, exit the BlueNote options screen and shut down the BlueNote Server. 6) Copy the saved files from the USB thumb-drive or network location into the open Data Files window. Warning - DO NOT copy the files into this folder if the BlueNote Server is running. When the BlueNote server shuts down it will erase all of your changes. This step must be completed with the BlueNote Server shut down. 7) Start the new BlueNote Server. All clients should re-discover the new BlueNote Server and re-connect. The re-discovery process could take up to 5 minutes. If a client fails to locate the server, try shutting it down and re-starting it.


To re-activate the new BlueNote Server, do the following:

From a BlueNote client that is connected to the new BlueNote Server, click on Menu then Options, choose License and make note of the Serial Number. Then send us a support request that includes this serial number so we can use it to generate a new activation code. 

BlueNote Version 2.x clients

Download BlueNote Version 2 client