Classic V4 - Turning off Local Popups and Tones

BlueNote Alert Manager

Tones and Popups can be selectively turned off or on at each BlueNote Client within that client's Alert Manager. There is an Alert Manager for each location that is programmed on the NoteBoard; in other words, if you have fifteen Locations on your Noteboard screen, there will also be fifteen Alert Manager windows to open. Look for the gear icon in a BlueNote Action window, single-click on a location, or choose Menu > Alert Manager to open up the full Alert Manager.

The first Alert Manager pertains to only the Alerts that appear in the first section of the NoteBoard. In the example below, the Noteboard location is labeled Op 1:

Here is how its corresponding Alert Manager may appear:

By default all alert tones and popups will be activated for all locations. You have the option of having the station number of the location spoken to you along with hearing the BlueNote Alert.

At the bottom of the Alert Manager, click the BlueNote speaker icon to the right of the drop-down menu to preview the Location tone. The Location Number will be spoken only when the checked Alerts play or pop up, and the "Speak Location" box is checked. Alternatively you may program the Alert Manager to speak the word "Op" or "Hygiene" instead of "Station", which is the Default station number tone.

If you wish to hear BlueNote Alert Tones or see the Popup Alerts for those BlueNote events on your specific computer, be sure to check the appropriate boxes next to each corresponding BlueNote. Un-checking a box will opt your workstation out of hearing that BlueNote's respective tone or popup.

Additionally, if you have set all BlueNotes to be re-sent until cleared at the System Manager, you can Mute the Re-Sent alerts individually here with the third set of boxes.

Preview the tones by clicking on each BlueNote’s Sound button.

You may also be able to change the Alert Tone within the Sound button beside each BlueNote in the Alert Manager.

Tones will only change at your computer and will not affect other workstations. If you cannot change any tones, it is because tones have been programmed universally within System Wide Changes. See the Related Articles below.

There is also a way to cut down on having to program each location individually. Instead of changing tones and popups for every Location on your NoteBoard, you can create an Alert Manager profile for a single location and then copy this profile to all your other Alert Manager Locations. These will only be for your specific computer. 

From the Location Alert Manager, choose Copy, to open the Copy Settings Window. Move the Location names from the left column to the right column, then press Copy. This will copy the settings from the Alert Manager NoteBoard location to the Alert Managers for each of the chosen locations.


Changing the Alert options at one workstation do not affect the way that BlueNote Popups or Tones act at any other workstation.

To change the alert options at other workstations, open up the BlueNote Client on each computer and repeat the steps above.

Tip: To have consistency through the practice, you should make sure all stations use the same alert tone for that station/location. An example is with Dr Pt Arrive. You can set up the Alert Manager of each location to ring one tone when Dr Pt Arrive appears in Room 1, a second tone when Dr Pt Arrive is posted in Room 2, and yet a third tone when this same BlueNote posts to Room 3. This maximizes the use of the BlueNotes so that each location uses a different tone for the same BlueNote Action (this is only available if each local workstation has tone control).

The text of each BlueNote is global, and so can only be changed via System Wide Changes.