Classic V4 - Moving the BlueNote System Manager to a different computer

The instructions below are for Version 4 of BlueNote Communicator Classic. To check for the version that is installed, open your BlueNote Endpoint and click "Menu" then "Options". The Endpoint version is located in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Note that we highly recommend updating to the latest build of all Endpoints and the System Manager instead of migrating unsupported versions.

1)  Backup your System Manager Data. You do not need anything directly from the current System Manager. Instead, from any BlueNote Endpoint, choose Menu > Options > then select System Wide Changes. When the password box appears type the word "configure" and then press Enter. From the General tab click "Backup". This is the file you will be restoring that has the System Manager data.  You can save this file wherever you would like. 

Note: If you plan on restoring the System Manager using the same computer and BlueNote Endpoint, you can save the file to the default location. If not, it is better to save the file to a network drive or USB memory key.

Once you have saved the database you need to shut down the old System Manager and uninstall it. This will prevent users from accidentally connecting to the wrong System Manager in the future.

2)  Install the new System Manager at a computer that will be turned on every day. You can download a new copy using the following link, or go to our website, choose Customers > Classic Version 4 > Install or update the BlueNote System Manager.

3)  Go back to the Endpoint from where you created the backup and Restore the backup. When this Endpoint connects to the new System Manager, you will be notified that this System Manager contains a default database and needs to be customized. Choose the "Program System Manager" option. If you are prompted to use a template choose "no". When the System Manager window opens, choose the first tab labeled "General" and then click on the "Restore" button under System Manager Maintenance. 

Choose the location of the backup file and then click "Open". Once the data has been imported you will need to make sure the data is correct and then press the "Save" button. All of the BlueNote Endpoints will be automatically updated with this information.

4)  Follow the steps in the link below to re-activate your BlueNote System Manager:

Request Activation Code

Note: Activation codes need to be retrieved from the new System Manager, not the original one. The System codes are time sensitive and will expire within 24 hours. Please do not restart the System Manager until you have received and entered the new activation code. We only process activations during normal business hours. Please allow a few hours for us to process your request and send the new activation code.