Version 6 - Local Settings

× Discontinued Version 6

You may have viewing or audio preferences that are different from the defaults, or want to change the way you click on a button, or you may be using a touch screen. Many of these preferences are changed at each individual computer instead of system wide where publishing is required.

I’m hearing too many tones and seeing unnecessary popups. Can I turn some of them off?

Yes. Some of the Lights won’t be needed at one or more computers, so you’ll want to eliminate interruptions by turning those off. For instance, if you work in the business center of a practice you won’t necessarily need to know when a doctor is requesting a clinical task elsewhere in the office.

You’ll find the Alert Manager by pressing the Time/Date bar or the upper right sidebar button, which will slide the Light Panel over and reveal the sidebar. The first screen, Lights (Lights 1-30), indicates in green whether or not each tone and/or popup is active. By default all tones and popups are turned on. Click on each one to toggle their on/off status.

The Popups and Tones tab, allows you to change the following:

  • The amount of time until a Popup Alert clears. The default is 3 minutes.
  • To increase or decrease the size of the Popup font.
  • Whether or not the Popup alerts are shown at this computer when activating a page.
  • The ability to clear or change a Light directly by clicking on the Popup Alert.
  • Popup Alert Tones may be muted when the sorting view window is open.
  • Turn off all Tones, or replays when Lights are refreshed, updated, or when a Light ages.

How do I see the amount of time elapsed for all active Lights?

Press the Time/Date bar or the upper right sidebar button to slide the light panel over and reveal the sidebar. Toggle the Elapsed Times button on to display the numerical value directly on the Light.

How do I program and use Quick Messages at my computer?

The whole purpose of using an instant communication system is make your office flow as quickly as possible, but you may feel limited in your ability to use a single Light efficiently. This is when Quick Messaging is valuable for your most common responses, needs, and Light usage.

To find your Quick Messages, go to Menu>Options>Quick Messages. In addition to the 20 System Wide Quick Messages, you will be allowed to create 20 individual Quick Messages for your computer as well, 40 in all.

Responses such as “OK,” “Need Help”, “Will be right there,” or the most common phrases that you’ll be using to clarify a Light are recommended as Quick Messages. You’ll be able to change their order in the list to make scrolling to the most common phrases as easy as possible.

What are the Headphones in the Conversations list?

The Headphone icon indicates that another user is in Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. This means that all of their Popups and Tones have been disabled, and is especially helpful to use when the computer is being dedicated to a higher priority program, such as the input of patient data.

To use your own Do Not Disturb button, you’ll find it to the right of the main Menu button. Do Not Disturb appears yellow when toggled on. Press it a second time to turn it off. While in Do Not Disturb mode, the Light Panel will also stay behind all other programs so as not to interrupt.

Can I add the name of my location to all Lights that I activate?

Yes. This will maximize the effectiveness of your communications when the majority of lights used at your computer will be to make people react to specific events at your location.

Go to Menu>Options>Light Panel and select the check box that indicates you wish to “Insert panel name as a quick message when activating a new light.” When this option is checked, every activated light will also include your location’s name.

I don’t have speakers. How can I hear when a Light is activated?

Go to Menu>Options>General and deselect “Use PC sound card and speakers” to use the PC’s internal speaker. You will hear generic beeps instead.

Why is my own location not displaying in the active recipients list?

Normally you wouldn’t want to send a message to yourself, but just in case you do, you may select this option by going to Menu>Options>Conversations and choosing “Include this client in the active recipients list.”

My monitor is within patient view. How can I hide Conversations?

You will want to go to Menu>Options>Conversations and select “Make all Conversations popup alerts private.” The Conversations popups will appear with a privacy screen, and you will need to click on the popup to view its information. Also be sure to exit out of the Conversations window when you’re not using it.

How do I add information to a Light before I activate it?

Right-click the Light to bring up its options window, where you can add text, a color tag, or even immediately escalate it. If you’d prefer to always do this for every light, go to Menu>Options>Light Panel and un-check “Activate light immediately when light button is pressed”.