Version 6 - Compatibility with older/newer versions

× Discontinued Version 6

BlueNote Versions 5 and 6 are fully compatible and can be used together in the same network. If you are currently using version 5 you can manually upgrade to Version 6 by requesting a Version 6 download link. Installing version 6 will automatically remove version 5 and upgrade all settings to Version 6. Your license, settings, and local database will be migrated to the new version. 

If you are using BlueNote Lights Version 1 then you can upgrade to version 6 by requesting a download link from Customers on our main website. Installing version 6 will remove version 1, however version 1 and version 6 are not compatible. When upgrading from Version 1, you will need to upgrade all computers running BlueNote to version 6. Your license, settings, and main database will be migrated to the new version. 

Neither the Version 6 software or license is compatible with Version 7 and newer clients. Be sure that all computers in the office have either Version 5 or Version 6 installed to continue to use this version.